Join the Canadian Culinary Federation

Reasons to Join

  • Nationally recognized Chef de Cuisine Certification Program (CCC)
  • Subscription to National Newsletters and Magazines, This publication has informative articles and recipes submitted by Industry Leaders in Canada.
  • Discounts on travel , clothing and tools.
  • Involvement in culinary college and apprenticeship training advisory committees.
  • A CD-ROM national roster of members, updated every year.
  • CCF certificate, suitable for framing, CCF National Membership medal. Junior members receive certificate only.
  • Distinctive CCF lapel pin.
  • International, National and local culinary shows are promoted and sponsored by the CCF and its branches.
  • Opportunities to hear and see world renown chefs and speakers at regional and national conventions.
  • A chance to participate at Regional Mini-Conventions held every year.
  • Automatically become a member of World Association of Chefs Societies, (WACS).
  • Participation in the career enhancement of Junior Cook Apprentices.
  • Travel, car rental, and product discounts at Chef’s Hat, Thrifty, Paderno, Moores, Russel Food Equipment Ltd., and Tabasco.

Membership Categories

National Member

Open to any person who has a Certificate of Qualification in the Trade of Cooking from a province, from a member country of WACS.

Cost: The cost of National membership is $100.00 CDN per annum and a one time only initiation fee of $30.00 plus GST/HST. Your regional Branch may charge additional fees for local dues, which range from zero in some provinces to $100.00 per annum. National member can only be be initiated at the Branch level unless you meet the criteria noted in the next paragraph.

Member at Large

Open to individuals who meet the above criteria and live in excess of 250 km from a CCF Branch. Consult the Branches page for details of a Branch nearest you.

Cost: This particular membership category is $115.00 CDN per annum and a one time only initiation fee of $30.00 plus GST/HST. There are no local Branch dues to be paid however, you will be required to elect a Branch to which you wish to be affiliated. The Branch is then obliged to maintain reasonable levels of communication with you until you decide to reside within the required distance to a Branch in Canada.

Armed Service

Open to all members of the Canadian Armed Forces whose main course of duty is that of a mess cook, warrant officer or commissioned officer holding a minimum certification of TQ5.

Cost: This special membership fee was designed specifically to facilitate personnel who cannot actively participate in Branch activities due to unscheduled postings, tours of duty, etc. Members are encouraged to visit branches in their area whilst on leave. The fee is $55.00 CDN per annum + GST.HST. Membership can be applied directly to the CCFCC National Office or through any Branch of the CCF.

Junior Member

Open to any person actively engaged in the preparation of food in a commercial establishment or is enrolled in a recognized course of culinary studies at a college, school or institute. Is actively involved in work /study in the trade of cooking at the time of the application.

Cost: The cost of Junior membership is $30.00 per annum plus GST/HST. You may be required to pay a minimal local Branch membership fee. Membership in this category can only be initiated at the Branch level.

How Do I Join the CCF?

All members join the Canadian Culinary Federation (CCF) through a CCF branch.

  1. Determine the location of your nearest CCF Branch.
  2. Download and complete the CCF Application form , and bring it to the next meeting or email Percy Belford
  3. Attend a meeting of your nearest branch and explore the possibilities.