CCFCC Ottawa is offering two $500.00 annual bursaries to qualified candidates as detailed below. Please note the deadline and required documents.


To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Junior CCFCC members in good standing at the time of application.
  • Be a registered full-time culinary student in the 1st year of a minimum two-year diploma program in Culinary Management, Cook/Chef Training, Food and Beverage Management, Nutrition, or Baking and Pastry Arts.
  • You must not have received any other form of support from CCFCC in the past.


Email a cover letter outlining your application and highlighting the reasons that qualify you for this bursary to Chef Ahmad Lutfi, the CCFCC Ottawa Secretary & Junior Liaison Officer on Please include your resume. If your application is shortlisted, the following documents will be required before a final decision can be made:

  • An OFFICIAL Transcripts of Records – most current transcript (web grades, photocopy, emailed or faxed transcripts are NOT accepted).
  • Letter(s) of recommendation from a current faculty member and/or past or present employers has to be signed and must include address, telephone and where possible, email address.
  • Written confirmation of current full-time student status from the college.


Applications are to be judged on the following criteria (points assigned to each of the criteria for a total of 100 points):

  • Academic record (25 points): based on grade point average.
  • Work record (25 points): based on quality and length of work experience with extra points for foodservice, hospitality, and culinary-related experience and for increased levels of responsibility.
  • Professional potential (20): based on letters of reference and assessment of instructors and employers as well as self-assessment.
  • Leadership (20): based on work experience, letters of reference and responses to application questions.
  • Discretionary points (10): given at the discretion of CCFCC Ottawa and based on quality of the application and effort put into its presentation.


Applications and the required documents must be submitted to the CCFCC Ottawa no later than 15 October 2011. Late applications will not be eligible.


Once a decision is made by Ottawa CCFCC, the recipient will be notified in writing and the bursary will be paid in its entirety by November 2011. Payment is made directly to the college for credit towards the recipient’s tuition fees. If the tuition fee has already been paid in full, the money will then be paid to the student by the CCFCC.


Names (and photographs) of the recipients will be posted on the CCFCC Ottawa website and it is a condition of the award that recipients must agree to this publicity.