Last night my wife & I passed by the funeral home to pay our respects to Chef Joe

We were greeted By Miss Anna, Joes wife she had recognized us from afar. Her demeanour was alert, her spirit was strong & unwavering, her smile was filled with thanks.

As we went forward to pay our respects I turned towards the casket Joe was peacefully laid out, his battle was over. To the left of the casket assembled in pride were  his accreditation & acclamations but what resonated mostly with me was the black & white picture wrapped in a gold metal frame inconspicuously placed below his medals…

A picture of both Anna & Joe a picture that was lost in time. A picture that was filled with youth, dreams & aspirations,had now come to a conclusion. 

Miss Anna was supported by her granddaughter & her 2 daughters & Son in-law. 

On our way out we stopped to talk to Old friends in the Italian Community but Joe was Internationally recognized as well. There were  People from all races, ages & distances including a tall & robust in stature had driven from NY to pay his respects.. 

As we made our way towards the exit. The doors seem to be at a greater distance than I remember them…I turned around for one last look….

One last time Joe & I would be in the same room together

One last time to be in the presence of a great human being..


Good bye Chef


Rest in peace

Antonio C Grande

Executive Chef CCFC Ottawa

Vice President CCFC Ottawa