CCFCC PresidentI would like to take this opportunity to extend greetings to the entire hospitality community in Ottawa and Gatineau. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Chef Janik Quintal your newly elected President of the Canadian Culinary Federation – Ottawa chapter.

I have had a 20+ year career in the hospitality industry within Canada.  I believe that our industry needs to focus on the youth of our industry so that are art form and foundation remains strong for the future.  Through investment of time and resources we as chefs must continue to foster relationships in the industry that bonds who we are at the core with the future of our industry.  During our mandate this boards key goals will be to develop a strong junior membership and foster their careers by assisting them with their apprenticeships through the various CCF sanctioned events through our membership.  We will also continue to foster our relationships with our corporate partners so that they may help to invest into our chapter and into our juniors program.  The long term impact that these initiatives will have on our chapter and our juniors will be two fold.

First, building a strong base of juniors will help local membership continue to grow and help nurture their careers as they begin the long road to culinary excellence.

Second, by creating partnerships with our corporate entities we can help our juniors by placing them in the relevant business or using their networks to help them as they grow and become true hospitality professionals.

In closing, I invite all branches in hospitality to join us in our journey and assist our organization in building a future for our juniors and continuing to foster our traditions and maintain a close connection to our industry.




Chef Janik Quintal

President of the Canadian Culinary Federation